Ishnaan: Cold Water Therapy

I grew up in Hawaii…

I use this as the reasoning to explain why when asked the question; would you rather be too hot or too cold, the answer is always a resounding “too hot!”. Let me rephrase: I HATE being cold. I imagine freezing being an accurate representation of what it feels like to die a slow and painful death. So when my yoga teacher described the innumerable benefits of Ishnaan, or cold hydrotherapy, I quickly put it in the category of “not for me”.

One of the most basic of yogic technologies, ishnaan boasts a laundry list of health benefits including, glowing skin, reduced body fat, strengthening of the nervous system, better stress adaptability, toxin elimination, etc. As an athlete for most of my life, I’ve become acutely aware of the inflammation reducing effects of ice baths, cold plunges, and other cold water techniques. What I love about ishnaan, as Yogi Bhajan taught it when first arriving in the west, is that it is a powerful tool for manifesting our goals.

It only took me one $60 session in a cryo chamber to feel like I was being ripped off, before realizing I could have an even more effective experience in my own shower. It took some significant mind training on my part , but once you start using this technology consistently, you never want to stop. Imagine stepping out of your shower and feeling every cell in your body buzzing with energy. This heightened state, or “peak state” as some to call it, is a powerful tool for manifesting and grounding your dreams into reality. In order for you to call in what you want, you have to live in the state where it exists. Ishnaan accelerates that process. The rush of blood flushing your organs and then back out to the extremities gives you a sense of energized calm and focus, giving you the feeling that you are about to perform in a way that makes people turn and take notice.

This is the key to manifesting positive results in your life.

One common misconception of the Law of Attraction, is the idea that you need only think good thoughts. While positive thoughts are a crucial component, the magic dust lies in your emotions and feelings. In order for your powers of manifestation to move up to the level of Jedi Master, you must become very good at embodying the thing you wan to do/be/have. This takes some practice. The same way a very talented actor can convince those around her that she is a different person, you must become skilled in the art of make-believe. Ishnaan makes this process of “walking the walk” much more efficient. If you’ve ever jumped into an ice-cold lake or taken a cold plunge, you know that is impossible not to feel fully invigorated afterward. This invigoration is the secret sauce to your goals, because it sends the signals to the universe that whatever you are thinking about is happening now. The universe likes balance, so if you are feeling that heightened state on a consistent basis (i.e. every day) it will make manifest in your life.

Tips for ishnaan

• Oil and dry brush your entire body before stepping into the shower. This stimulates the lymph system to come online, and protected the skin

• Start with a warm shower to do all your washing, and then turn the shower cold

• Be sure to hit the front of your neck, back of the neck, ears, underarms, forearms and tops of the feet with the cold water. Just hitting the tops of your feet alone is very effective if you’re not ready for the full body

• Vigorously towel your whole body and experience the magic!

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Joie Ruggiero