You know the feeling

You’ve felt it before. You’ve been giving your all towards a goal in fitness, showing up every day, making the effort to control your circumstances and one day you wake up and it just won’t happen. You are glued to your bed and Netflix. Or maybe you’ve made the commitment to go all in for your fitness and have yet to see any long lasting, or definitive results.

There’s nothing wrong with you, you are a human with rhythms, systems, and chemical reactions that are interlaced with astral bodies that are more influential on your body than you know.

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We have been told a terrible lie

That fitness goals can only be reached with a do-or-die attitude. That you must push against, rather than ebb and flow. That one size fits all, that one simple equation could possibly be the right answer for all ages, shapes, body types, and personalities. That you should go all out, despite your body’s call for rest.

Introducing the Mahina Moon Series

4 workouts, one for each week of your cycle, that harness the energies of the moon to boost vitality, promote physical fitness, and allow our body’s natural rhythms to meet us half way in co-creating the results we desire.

Each session is designed to tap into the potent energy of your moon cycle. Whether or not you are currently menstruating every 28-40 days, your body has energetic cycles that correspond to divine feminine archetypes and the seasons of the year. You can choose to sync your workouts with either your cycle or the phases of the moon.

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The spring/maiden energy is fun, excited, and always planting new seeds. This is a great time to try a new workout in a style you haven’t tried before. She corresponds to the waxing moon, and pre-ovulation time in our cycle.

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The rite of passage of becoming a mother represents ovulation, the time of heightened fertility. She is fierce in bringing her goals to fruition. This is a good time for a high intensity dance or HIIT style workout. Typically this corresponds with the full moon, and summertime energy

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autumn/Wild woman

After we have harvested the fruits of our hard work, it is time to prepare for the waning moon, or autumn phase, personified by the wise wild woman. This phase is about setting clear boundaries and guidelines to bring us through the next phase. This is a good time for a Pilates, barre, or ballet style workout.

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During menstruation, or the dark moon, we pass through our crone, or winter energy. The crone is closest to the more ethereal planes of existence, and she is her most intuitive during this phase. We can listen to our deepest wisdom by walking in nature, or doing a gentle yoga/meditative practice during this time.


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