Ancient Ayurvedic texts…

tell of the healing power of fasting for optimal human evolutionary performance. The body is like an instrument, and fine tuning that instrument is an art and a science. Through these practices we can awaken our bodies to the inherent power that exists within us, letting the forces of nature guide us, rather than habit, or inertia.

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Each energy center along your spine…

offers a window into the complex matrix that is your psycho-magnetic field. These centers, or chakras, exist in two planes of reality, guarding both your physical and emotional worlds. The foods we eat and the physical patterns we engage in literally code these storehouses of energy like a supercomputer, telling us how to feel, and how to live, and who we are.


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Inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and ancient ayurvedic cleansing practices, the Rainbow Reset Detox will offer you game-changing access to your own body and mind like never before.

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