MAHINA Moon Series

MAHINA Moon Series


4 workouts, one for each week of your cycle, that harness the energies of the moon to boost vitality, promote physical fitness, and allow our body’s natural rhythms to meet us half way in co-creating the results we desire.

Each session is designed to tap into the potent energy of your moon cycle. Whether or not you are currently menstruating every 28-40 days, your body has energetic cycles that correspond to divine feminine archetypes and the seasons of the year. You can choose to sync your workouts with either your cycle or the phases of the moon.

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Mahina Moon Series follows the philosophy of the rising feminine archetypes and how they relate to the moon phases.

Your workouts will be presented as follows:

SPRING/MAIDEN - Waxing moon, pre-ovulation (the week after your period ends)

SUMMER/MOTHER - Full moon, ovulation (the week you ovulate, usually close to the mid-point in your cycle)

AUTUMN/WILD WOMAN - Waining moon, pre-menstruation (the week before you have your period)

WINTER/CRONE - Dark moon, menstruation (the week you are on your period)

You may choose to sync your workouts either with your menstrual cycle or with the moon phases, or both if you happen to be already synced with the moon. We recommend doing each workout for the entire week you are in each stage.